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Professional Roof Repair in Dallas, Frisco & Surrounding Communities

When it come to roof repair, timing is critical! If a roof leak occurs, it will get exponentially worse if allowed to continue unabated. Proficient Roofing will send one of our qualified roofers to give your roof a thorough inspection so that we can solve your roofing problem immediately – without further damage to your home. Sometimes a total roof replacement just isn't necessary, and your insurance company may balk if a simple roof repair is in order.

Dallas roof undergoing roof repair

Some of the most common causes of small area roof failure:

  • Mature tree branches – branches covering your home can break and damage part of a roof, or the overhang can provide an environment for mold to grow, deteriorating your shingles and necessitating a roof repair
  • Improper water shedding – Water buildup from a poorly designed roof can damage specific areas over time.
  • Heat – poor attic ventilation can damage areas of a roof where heat buildup weakens the shingles
  • Chimneys - chimneys can be particularly troublesome areas. They often have both head walls and wall steps and flashing can be installed incorrectly, allowing water to seep between the chimney and walls.
  • Plumbing Vent Flashing - your plumbing vents add a unique challenge for a roofer. Because they are round, it’s easy for poor roofers to leave gaps. Leaks from plumbing vents are especially dangerous to the home owner as they don’t always drip noticeably. Often leaks in the flashing around a plumbing vent will run down the plumbing, soaking into wood and drywall, only to be noticed when someone comes across the rotting wood
  • Satellites- Satellite sway can cause damage to the roof around the mounts
  • Clogged gutters – Clogged gutters causes water to build-up in the gutter and can cause damage to your roof over a time.  
  • Wind – Wind can be tricky and can damage an entire roof, or just a section.  Quick repairs are necessary to prevent further damage.

A tiny puncture hole can lead to a costly roof repair.  Look at the damage that was hidden under the shingles because of the very small hole! Proficient Roofing has decades of experience repairing the roofs of Dallas, Plano, Frisco and other communities of North DFW. We understand local weather, local roofs and the needs of local homeowners.

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