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Commercial Roof Repair: Denton, North Dallas, DFW

Commercial roof repair is a cost most businesses don't consider in their annual budget. And that's not a surprise: business owners often don't see their roofs on a daily basis, if ever, and they assume it will continue to do its job. However, proper roof maintenance, scheduled inspections and, when needed, professional roof repair are critical to the longevity and proper performance of the roof. With the baking of the North Texas sun and the wind, rain and hail of our legendary thunderstorms, the following can happen over time: 

•    Caulking on flashing will deteriorate
•    Seams will come down
•    Gravel will be blown away to expose a built-up roof’s membrane
•    Accelerated membrane deterioration will occur in pounding areas
•    Tears or punctures will be made by personnel working and/or walking on the roof

Regular roof maintenance can prevent roof failure and increase the longevity of your roof, keeping your business open and saving thousands of dollars in the long-run. Our roof maintenance programs include the following:

•    Semiannual inspections
•    Regular cleaning of roof surface, especially at drains.
•    Surface membrane examination (check for bald spots)
•    Check for un-adhered seams and tears in membrane
•    Examine ponding areas 
•    Check metal flashing and caulking at equipment penetrations

After inspection, Proficient Roofing can provide a firm estimate for commercial roof repairs to keep your roof protecting your business' assets for years to come.

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