New Construction – Residential Roofing

Whether you’re building from the ground up or performing an expansion, it’s extremely important to select a roofing contractor that understands the complexity of new construction roofing and can adapt to your individual project’s needs. Proficient Roofing knows that the roofing process is a critical part of your construction schedule.  We strive for professionalism and  timeliness without sacrificing safety or budget. Our on-site supervisors will deliver a cost-effective solution that fits your timetable.

Our new construction roofing experts are trained to work on every type of roof system with the latest materials, technologies and equipment. We work with some of the largest homebuilders in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We also work with custom home builders and can help design a roof that meets your exact specifications.

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Contact our team to schedule a meeting to discuss your new construction roofing in North Dallas, Frisco, Little Elm, Plano and other surrounding communities.

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