Avoid Insurance Fraud – Residential Roofing

A common question that is asked of us is: “Can you work with the insurance company so we don’t have to pay a deductible?” The short answer is NO!  We do not commit roofing insurance fraud. It is that simple. Many contractors in Texas will try to avoid the deductible by “working” the numbers or by submitting fraudulent invoices to the insurance company to avoid the deductible. As a professional roofing contractor in the State of Texas, we will not engage in this unethical practice.

Consider this: if your contractor is willing to defraud an insurance company, is it likely he might defraud you also? In order to get a roof installed for less than many insurance companies allow, unprincipled contractors will substitute specified “higher grade” materials with “lesser quality” products; they might reuse the existing felt or otherwise, cut corners. Another consideration is: does your contractor carry both liability and workers’ compensation insurance to ultimately protect YOU?

At Proficient Roofing, we take an honest, ethical approach in dealing with your necessary repairs or replacements of your hail / wind loss.

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