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What To Expect During A Free Roof Inspection

Free Consultation With No Obligation

That’s right! You’ll get our expert advice absolutely free with no pressure to buy (although we’re pretty confident you’ll love our team and competitive pricing and want to buy anyway).

Document & Take Pictures Of Damage

No sketchy work here! You’ll see exactly what we see and we’ll document all evidence of wear and tear.

Explain & Walk You Through Each Step Of Damage

You will be 100% in the know at all times. This is a great time to ask us all your burning questions.

Set Appointment To Replace Or Fix Roof!

Your roof protects the things and people you love most. We won’t waste time getting it fixed. You can set a date for your repair or replacement right then and there.

I couldn't be more pleased with the work that Proficient Roofing did on our home last week.

Over the course of the bid and the project, I had a chance to interact with the owner (Juan), project manager (Candy), and crew chief (Eddy), and all of them were extraordinary.

Very professional, no pressure, clear on what was going to happen and when. They cleaned up the job site completely and left us with a great looking roof.

It was clear that their crew has worked together for years, because they were extremely efficient (finished our roof in one day).

I appreciated how they gave us options on different grades of shingles and explained the pros and cons of each.

We had our roof done by a different company 4 years ago and it was a nightmare… so glad we found Proficient this time!

-John L.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late.

Whether you’re experiencing leaks, had a recent storm or just wondering how old your roof is, your home protects the things and people you love most. A free inspection can give you the assurance you need.

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