How to get ready for replacing your roof

If you’re like most people getting a new roof, you aren’t sure what to expect – but you know it’s a good (and necessary) investment.

So how do you get ready for a new roof installation? These tips will make sure you’re prepared.

3 Tips to Help You Get Ready for a New Roof Installation

Most roofs are designed to last between 20 and 30 years, and some last even longer. That means you might have need only one or two roof replacements in your lifetime… so it’s not exactly a run-of-the-mill thing. Use these three tips to get ready for a new roof installation:

  • Do your homework.
  • Clear out your attic and prep your home for the installation.
  • Make arrangements for kids and pets (and let the neighbors know).


Do Your Homework on Roof Installations

A roof installation is a big project, so you have to do your homework. That includes:

  • Finding a reputable, trustworthy roofing contractor
  • Understanding the types of roofing available
  • Getting a contract in writing that includes a cost estimate and time-frame
  • Providing your contractors with easy access to the roof

Prep Your Whole Home for the Installation

You can take steps to protect your belongings and make things easier on your roofing crew. While your crew will be as neat as possible, there’s no way around it: a roof installation is a messy job. If you have valuable heirlooms in your attic, move them to a lower floor so they don’t gather dust or debris; if your items are too heavy to move, cover them with plastic drop cloths for protection.

Remember, too, that roofing is classified as heavy construction. Take down your family photos, mirrors and other items that could fall – especially if they’re on upper floors. Make sure your light fixtures are all secure, too.

Your crew is going to tear off your old roof and nail down thousands of new shingles, so make sure your satellite dish isn’t in the way. And while the crew will dive into an extensive clean-up process after they’re finished, you still need to protect your flower beds from dust and debris by covering them with plastic. Take down hanging plants, and cut your grass as short as you can to make it easier for the crew to pick up nails after your new roof is installed.

Make Arrangements for Kids and Pets – and Don’t Forget Your Neighbors

Roofing is a noisy business, and it bothers some kids and pets. You might have to make new nap time arrangements if you have little ones at home during the day… and if your pets are the nervous types, it might be best to relocate them to a friend or family member’s house until the crew finishes things up.

Your neighbors will probably be glad to see that you’re getting a new roof – after all, it could increase your property value (and then increase theirs, too). But that doesn’t mean they’ll be excited about the process, so give them a heads-up that you’ll have an installation crew coming by. That way, they can be prepared, too.

Ready for Your Roof Installation?

The most important thing you need to do when you need a new roof is to work with a reputable, trustworthy contractor. When you work with the right contractor, they’ll let you know what else to do to prepare – and they’ll give you the peace of mind you need before, during and after your roof installation. Request a Free Roof Inspection now!


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