5 Signs You Need to Hire Roofing Contractors Now

Your roof is your home or commercial building’s first line of defense against rain, snow, hail and other bad weather, and if it fails, you’re in for a rough ride. Roof damage can cause serious structural problems with the entire building.

Here’s what to watch for:

  • Leaks
  • Mold growth
  • Missing shingles or other damage on the rooftop
  • Excessively high energy bills
  • Broken, clogged or missing gutters



Water leaks never get better with time – they only become worse. Even a small leak can cause catastrophic damage. When water makes its way under your roof, it can saturate the underlayment and soak through the wood that holds your roof in place. It can even seep into your ceilings and walls, causing stains and compromising the integrity of your home or commercial building’s structure.

Mold Growth

The inside of your home or commercial building should never foster mold growth. Mold can be toxic, and it can even be life-threatening in some situations. Unfortunately, a lot of mold growth is due to damp conditions caused by a leaking roof or a failing ventilation system. If you notice signs of mold growth, you need to call a team of roofing contractors who can inspect the roof and its vents to zero in on the cause.

Missing Shingles or Other Roof Damage

Shingles and other roofing materials are the outermost layer of protection your roof has. They block out water and pests – but if they’re missing or damaged, the other layers of your roof could be compromised. If you have shingles, look for:

  • Cracks
  • Curled corners or edges
  • Missing shingle granules
  • Missing shingles
Excessively High Energy Bills

Your roof and its ventilation system work together to keep the air in your attic or ventilation space at a fairly stable temperature. If any component of the system fails, you may see your energy bills skyrocket – even if you’re not doing anything differently.

While a damaged roof or failing ventilation system isn’t always the cause of rising energy costs, it can be the driving factor. In cases like these, working with the right roofing contractors to fix the issues can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs.

Broken, Clogged or Missing Gutters

Your gutters capture the rain that falls on your roof and direct all that water away from your foundation. However, if they’re broken, clogged or missing entirely, they can’t do their job. Aside from the problems that a waterlogged foundation can cause, which are inherently dangerous to your home or commercial building’s structure, a water backup in a gutter can cause serious damage to your roof.

Do You Need Help From Dallas’s Premier Roofing Contractors?

Roof problems never get better over time – they only get worse. If you’ve noticed any issues with your roof, call us right now at (972) 454-4400 for a free roof inspection. We work in Dallas, Frisco, Denton and all over the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolis, and we’ll be happy to zero in on your roof’s problems so you can protect your home or business.


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